New Find! Law of The Devil

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating for so long. So I’m back with a new series today called New Find! This series will feature new titles of novels that I have just found. On to the novel.   Law of The Devil focuses a bit more on the mature side of reincarnation. Such as the feelings of the one reincarnated. The quality of the translations are excellent as the translator is also the one that translated Douluo Dalu. Also another great novel. The synopsis that was written on the site was also impactful. Without a single good point, believed to be waste and a retard, when selling his soul to the devil, what does he gain in return? Fame? Strength? Wealth? Power? Overturning all the laws of this world, letting us watch the rise of a devil…… “I know, one day this world will bow at my feet!!” —— Duwei Nice right? Link: Blue Silver Translations (edit: Blue Silver Translations has dropped this project. Wuxia Translations will be taking over the project.)

Link: Wuxia Translations

Now go ahead and read it!


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